Monday, January 18, 2016

My Technical Memories : Memory - 1

I just opened my thoughts pot. Ah! I felt it was in a mess. So many different types of thoughts: Technical, Personal etc. It was just like if you have been downloading and saving a lot of information in a hard disk to manage it later. I realized I have been doing it. So I imposed a responsibility on myself to arrange it all. Now the question was how to proceed? To manage technical section of my thoughts was a huge task, as I have been working in the industry from a long time. So I opened that area and started looking at the thoughts to classify and manage. The first thought which I saw was related to COBOL. I have a special soft spot for COBOL, as this is the technology which I used in my very first job. So here it is :

Every COBOL program must have four divisions in the following order:


Is this statement TRUE?

PS: I thought of putting my random technical thoughts here... keep looking for more...

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