Saturday, January 23, 2016

My Technical Memories - Memory 3

Ah! What is it? I could see a  lot of symbols. I had to ponder about it  a bit… Na.. I am joking. How can I ever forget Unix Shell Scripts? I have a long lasting relationship with it. It is really interesting to read my thoughts after a long… long… time. Here comes a small and simple snippet of thoughts….
Unix Shell Script to check every minute whether a user is logged in or not?
# usage is : username
if [ $# -lt 1 ]; then
   echo improper usage
   echo Correct usage is : $0 username
   exit 1
while true
    who | grep `$logname`  > /dev/null
    if [ $? –eq 0 ] ; then
       echo $logname has logged in
       if [ $time – ne 0 ]; then
         echo $logname is $time minutes late
      exit 0
     time=`expre $time + 1`
     sleep 60

Unix and its look alike or derivatives are really amazing, may it be linux, solaris, venix, xenix, HP-unix, SCO- Unix. I hope I recollected my memory accurately. Why don’t you just execute and check… Lot more on its way… see you again later….

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